Hillsborough County Public Schools, FL


Magnet Application for Employment in HCPS, FL Magnet Schools

Before submitting a Magnet Application for Employment, you must have either one of these:

  • a Hillsborough County Public Schools, FL Employee ID, or
  • an employment application on file and in "Active" status with this school district
BE PREPARED BEFORE YOU BEGIN! Please read and follow the instructions below.

FIRST: Please review the currently posted magnet position vacancies. Always check the posting school to insure that the position is still available.

The Magnet Application for Employment contains a variety of questions. You will benefit from reading those questions (below) and answering them PRIOR to continuing. Please note that your responses to these questions will be considered in determining your suitability for employment.

  1. 1.) Please describe how you will contribute to the implementation of your school's magnet theme. Please include specific references to your classroom or school position in your response.
  2. 2.) Collaboration among the staff is a hallmark of schools of excellence. Describe an experience you have had in collaborating with others in the completion of a task at your school/worksite. Specify your role in your example and the outcome of the activity.
  3. 3.) Please describe how you intend to communicate with parents to ensure their involvement and to keep them informed.
  4. 4.) Discuss your use of instructional technology; specifically, address two (2) areas/uses that you incorporate on a regular basis in your classroom.

Please also have the following at hand:

When you are ready to begin
the Magnet Application for Employment, Click here.