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District-level management vacancies are routinely advertised for two weeks. Qualifications for these positions vary; however, a master's degree (or equivalent college and specified experience) is required for all positions. Some positions may require that an applicant currently hold or be eligible for a Professional Florida Teaching Certificate or other industry-specific licensure.

District-level positions are not filled from a prescreened pool; applications for district-level positions are accepted only during the advertised period for the individual position. Depending upon the number of qualified applicants, the selection process may take four to six weeks following the closing date for a position. Qualified applications may be screened for various job-related factors to determine those who will participate in the selection process. Qualified applicants may receive follow-up emails or telephone calls to request additional information or to conduct telephone or on-site interviews. All finalists for a position will be required to meet with the Superintendent's Cabinet.

Those newly hired into the district are routinely placed at entry-level of the School Board approved salary schedule. Salary schedules are subject to annual review and approval by the Board.

There are no District-level management vacancies being advertised at this time.

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